Vision and Mission

Vision“CADFIN envision a society where children and their families enjoy their basic rights to education, health care services,shelter and the rights of equal gender.”


Our Mission is to reduce poverty in Cameroon through the creation of supportive environments for the development of disadvantaged children, youth and their families to become self-sufficient through education, health, food security and livelihood programs.

Improving Lives: Success Stories- Children


“I was  raised up believing that a girl’s future is in her husband’s house. I had big dreams but I never thought they would come true. Thanks to CADFIN and her support, I am sure to complete my primary education and looking forward going to college. I’m grateful that CADFIN is there to support girls like me in my village finish their education and really cares for the children and their well-being and works for real change.”

- Ajara, Age 11

Success Stories-Youth


Thank CADFIN and her members very much for these generous gifts. You have supplied me with basics I need and more for the start up of my workshop.  I’m sure that the other youth will deeply appreciate your help as well. You are touching the lives of many young people like myself. The world needs more kind-hearted people like you people. I sincerely thank you and the doors from the bottom of my heart. 

- Godlove Chefor


Success Stories-Mothers


Reaching Mothers, Saving Children  and Building Healthy Families.

In  Support Groups, trained PMTCT Ambassadors encourage HIV-positive pregnant women and mothers to adhere to PMTCT programs.

“I educate HIV Positive pregnant mothers that it’s possible to have a HIV-negative baby. I follow them up through home visits, ANC meetings, and in support groups meetings. If a mother cames to the group feeling low, we build up their confidence” 

- Sirri, PMTCT Ambassador

Investing in Health



"Donations are difficult to come by but if you have been lucky enough to obtain one, you should show your gratefulness by saying thank  you  to the donors. On behalf of CMA medical team, I would like to thank CADFIN and Crossroad Foundation in Hong Kong for your generosity in donating equipment and hospital amenities. Without your help, we would not have been able to buy these items that are vital for the sick".

Dr. Bernard Chief Medical Office CMA Awing

Organisation Objectives

  1. Strengthen the community with special attention to the needs and aspirations of the socially and economically marginalized, weaker segments of society, disable, orphans and destitute with due focus on women and children.
  2. Organize poor rural under-privileged women into groups and set up Self-Help Groups for their socio-economic development and empowerment.
  3.  Improve the Health & Nutritional status of women and children by conducting awareness and service programmes in the areas of health, hygiene, HIV/AIDS control & prevention, nutrition, small family norms, sanitation.
  4. Evolve programmes for education at primary levels and Non-formal Education for school dropouts, out of school children, working children, adolescent girls and adults.
  5. Provide Vocational Training to increase employment opportunities for the youth, adolescent girls and women and promote Income Generating Programmes (IGP).
  6. Create Environmental Awareness and undertake environment improvement activities like agro-forestry, agro-horticulture, soil and water conservation, sustainable agriculture development, watershed management, etc.

How We Support Children, Youth and Women

CADFIN is a Cameroon based charity dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth and women involved with the child welfare system. We support and deliver a broad range of high-impact programs and services that directly serve vulnerable young people across Cameroon. Our programs address the many complex needs faced by Children, youth and women CADFIN adopt a unique sustainable development model with focus on five core pillar programs.




Through the education pillar we assist in mobilizing resources to build schools classrooms and libraries, provide needy children with school need and supplies.  We create a holistic education model that empowers children to lead productive, successful and happy lives. When children are educated, the entire communities attain the knowledge and tools to break the cycle of poverty, for themselves and for future generations. 


HealthWe complement government efforts by contributing to improving the health and welfare of children by raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, mobilization for the elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV, fight stigma and discrimination and change in sexual behavior through partnership with private and public health institution. We align our health care practices with the government’s national priorities with focus on health education and preventive care, allowing children to remain healthy and able to go to school.


VegetablesOne of the most pressing issues directly impacting poverty alleviation today is the growing challenge of food security and nutrition. We work to ensure the availability of and access to adequate healthy, nutritious food that meets people’s daily dietary needs and food preferences. The Agriculture and Food Security pillar, focuses on innovative farming techniques and soil management to help ensure communities have access to self-sustaining food sources, directly impacting their health and life outcomes.


LivelihoodWe provide youth, vulnerable women and people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) with resources to generate sustainable source of income, increase savings and start their own businesses. Women who participate in alternative income and livelihood programming increase their capacity and skills. These skills not only benefit the women, but are passed on to friends and children who can use them in the same way, now and in the future.